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Award-winning service from Canada’s premier security company, right here in the Golden Horseshoe.

The Commissionaires Hamilton Division offers quality services to discriminating clients. We ensure highly qualified, experienced and well-trained personnel are assigned to meet the specific requirements of individual contracts, from basic watch-keeping and access control to bylaw enforcement and specialized high security duties. If your situation calls for a competent, reliable and professional presence, you can call on us.

Over 350 Commissionaires in the Hamilton Division are presently assigned to 55 field locations in communities stretching from Niagara to Guelph and Waterloo to Milton. Find out why we’re Trusted Everyday Everywhere.

Available Services


Protection anywhere, anytime

Commissionaires Hamilton provides uniformed security services to protect your premises with a courteous yet authoritative presence. We’re known for our ability to diffuse situations, respond appropriately in a crisis and maintain composure during times of high stress.

Security services for business, industry, government and homeowners

Static Guard Duties
Special Event Interactions
Foot & Mobile Patrol
Access Control
On site CCTV & Alarm Monitoring


Leave the work to us

Commissionaires Hamilton provides top contract personnel at competitive rates for all your administrative and reception requirements.

Non-security positions we regularly fill

Administrative Duties
Reception Duties
Administering of Oaths

Non-core Police

Free up your valuable resources

Commissionaires Hamilton provides specially trained personnel in specially trained in by-law enforcement and conflict resolution—plus many of us have a policing background. Maintain your quality of service while containing costs by using Commissionaires for behind-the-scenes, non-core policing and enforcement services.

Tasks include

Parking Duties
Traffic Control
By Law Enforcement
Parole Services


When you need an expert opinion

Private businesses and public institutions come to Commissionaires for advice and recommendations that result in high standards for safety, security, emergencies and accidents. Whether you’re a well-established location or brand new site, we can evaluate systems and help develop plans, policies and procedures.

Tasks include

Threat Risk Analysis
Post Order Development
Emergency Planning


Learn from the best

Become a certified security guard, complete with certificate! Commissionaires Hamilton offers security guard courses that follow the Province of Ontario’s training syllabus and comply with the Training and Testing regulation of the Private Security and Investigative Services Act, 2005.

For more information on dates and fees, contact our office at 905-527-2775 Ext. 21.


For a no-obligation discussion of your security needs, whether you’re an individual, organization or business, please fill out the form below or contact the Director of Operations at 905-527-2775 Ext. 23.