Commissionaires Hamilton

Identification Services




We offer a wide variety of identification services, ranging fingerprinting, to comprehensive record suspension services.  We are the only identification services provider accredited with the RCMP, meaning faster turnaround times and unmatched expertise.


From digital fingerprinting to traditional ink-and-roll, Commissionaires can handle your fingerprinting needs quickly and professionally. Commissionaires is the only fingerprinting company that holds its own accreditation from the RCMP, and the first to adopt the RCMP LiveScan digital fingerprint technology.

Thanks to LiveScan, your information will go directly from our offices to the RCMP, meaning no re-routing, no third parties, and no wasted time.  This reduces the RCMP process time to as little as 72 hours and your information remains private from start to finish.


Commissionaires Hamilton performs criminal record checks (also referred to as police checks, police certificates, CPICs, criminal background checks and police clearances) for a wide variety of needs.

Criminal record checks can be obtained using either your full name and date of birth, or via our fingerprinting services.  In order to obtain a certified record check, fingerprint submission is required.  When a name and date of birth check matches another individual, fingerprints will be required to verify your identity.



Commissionaires can provide Record Suspension (Pardons) services for Canadians who have a criminal record.  During the first appointment, your fingerprints will be taken.  Getting a records suspension can be advantageous for many reasons, including improving your prospects for employment and rental housing, increasing your freedom to travel outside Canada, improving your ability to be bonded, and reducing potential negative impact on child custody and visitation rights.

All of our clients receive the same helpful and professional service, regardless of the background or circumstances surrounding their record suspension. If the requisite amount of time has passed since the completion of your sentence and all fines have been paid, you can proceed with applying for a record suspension with Commissionaires.

To speed up the fingerprinting process, ensure you have all required documents with you.

Our professional team of former RCMP and military personnel will provide you with all necessary research and communication with the judicial system to help prepare and complete your application package.  These services include:

  • Digital fingerprinting required to obtain your criminal record
  • Obtaining local police records, court documents, relevant citizenship documents, and military conduct sheets (if applicable)
  • Completing your application forms
  • Keeping you informed of your status through all stages of the process


Commissionaires can assist you with our easy, confidential and affordable USA entry waiver services.  Our friendly and knowledgeable service agent can help you obtain your entry waiver in a completely confidential environment, with full respect to your privacy and individual rights.  Using advanced digital technology for a reliable capture of fingerprints, we are able to process your application quickly and affordably, with no hidden fees.

Commissionaires can assist you with our easy, confidential and affordable USA entry waiver service:

  • Friendly, professional, and knowledgeable service agents to help you
  • Conducted in a confidential setting – individual rights and privacy are assured
  • Low-cost alternative to other providers. No hidden fees
  • Using advanced digital technology for reliable capture of fingerprints to process your application quicker